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Wix vs Shopify For E-Commerce Businesses - Choosing Your Digital Path

Wix vs Shopify - The E-Commerce Clash of Titans

Wix vs Shopify - The E-Commerce Clash of Titans
Wix vs Shopify - The E-Commerce Clash of Titans

In the digital age, establishing your online presence is like stepping into a bustling marketplace filled with endless opportunities. However, just as you navigate a vibrant bazaar, you face an array of choices when selecting the perfect platform for your digital storefront.

Today, we're throwing two heavyweight contenders into the ring, setting the stage for a showdown akin to choosing between delectable chocolates and comforting vanilla or that daily dilemma of tea or coffee.

For this digital duel, we have donned our investigative cap, delving deep into the realms of e-commerce, pitting these giants - Wix vs Shopify. Much like connoisseurs appreciating the distinct nuances of fine beverages, we're here to discern the unique qualities of these platforms.

We'll explore vital facets such as cost, e-commerce capabilities, customer support, ease of use, and scalability. Each contender brings its own strengths and weaknesses to the table.

So, get ready as we peel back the curtain in the show Wix vs Shopify, allowing you to make an astute choice for your online business.

This Wix vs Shopify blog is organised into three sections for your convenience. To start, you'll encounter a brief introduction that provides an overview of both platforms. Following that, you'll find an 'at-a-glance' comparison that succinctly lays out the key features of both solutions, making it easy to grasp the core differences.

Last but not least, the blog concludes with a comprehensive summary that offers a comprehensive perspective on the topic at hand. This structured approach is designed to help you navigate the Wix vs Shopify comparison seamlessly and glean the most valuable insights from the content.

Wix vs Shopify - Jump to the Section:

1. Decoding Wix and Shopify - Versatile Web-Building Tools.

When you first lay eyes on Wix and Shopify, you might perceive them as two peas in a pod, seemingly offering a one-stop solution for constructing websites or online stores, all without the need for complex coding. However, these platforms had entirely different origins and initial intentions.

Wix, in its inception, was conceived as a remedy for crafting content-centric websites. It catered to those who aspired to create a spectrum of platforms, from brochure-style sites and blogs to photography portfolios and other web spaces where the primary aim was to convey information or showcase content.

On the flip side, Shopify had a clear-cut mission from the start - it was purpose-built to serve as a solution for fashioning online stores. Every nut and bolt in Shopify's toolkit was crafted with one objective in mind - facilitating the sale of products.

Yet, the sands of time have brought significant transformations to the feature sets of both platforms. Wix has metamorphosed into a versatile platform with impressive e-commerce features, while Shopify's content management capabilities have grown remarkably sophisticated. This evolution means that today, you can employ either of these tools to forge a content-rich website or launch your online store.

In essence, the lines have blurred, and the boundaries have expanded. Wix and Shopify, once seemingly exclusive in their respective domains, now offer a dynamic duality, empowering you to craft the digital realm of your choice, be it a captivating content-driven website or a thriving e-commerce emporium.

2. Wix vs Shopify - Features Overview.

WIX ecommerce solution

Wix eCommerce Pros:

User-Friendly Interface

Wix, with its dedication to user-friendliness, stands as a welcoming beacon for individuals who may not possess the technical prowess of a seasoned coder. The intuitive interface is your trusty steering wheel, effortlessly guiding you through the twists and turns of website creation.

Whether you're a small business owner or an aspiring entrepreneur, the user-friendly nature of Wix ensures that you don't need a roadmap in the form of coding knowledge to reach your destination. The simplicity of Wix extends to every facet of the platform. Designing your website, managing your e-commerce operations, and curating content becomes a walk in the park. It's like driving a car with an automatic transmission – no need to worry about complex gear shifts; you're easily in control.

Diverse Templates

Imagine your online store as a canvas, ready to be adorned with the vibrant brushstrokes of your brand's personality. Wix, with its expansive collection of over 800 eye-catching templates, presents itself as the palette of a digital artist. It's not just about building a website; it's about crafting an immersive visual experience that leaves an indelible mark on your visitors. These templates are like a treasure trove for e-commerce entrepreneurs. They are the virtual equivalent of a bustling marketplace, offering a plethora of choices, each as unique as the next. Whether you're an artisan selling handcrafted jewellery or a tech-savvy wizard marketing the latest gadgets, Wix's templates cater to every niche and taste. Each template is a piece of art in its own right, designed with precision and aesthetics in mind. The designs are not just visually appealing; they are strategically engineered to maximize user engagement, driving visitors to explore your offerings. It's like having an art curator at your disposal, carefully selecting the right pieces to showcase your brand's identity.

Highly Customisable

Wix isn't just for beginners. Developers will appreciate its coding options and the diversity of the recently introduced (August 2023) Wix Studio interface, allowing for extensive customisation and flexibility in design. The true beauty of Wix's diverse templates lies in their versatility. You're not confined to rigid designs that don't align with your vision. These templates are adaptable canvases waiting for you to paint them with your unique brand colours and themes. Customisation is at the heart of Wix, and these templates are your blank canvases, ready for your creative strokes. In this vast design palette, you're bound to find a template that resonates with your brand's essence, whether it's a minimalist layout that exudes sophistication or a vibrant, dynamic design that captures the spirit of your products. Wix ensures that you don't just build an online store; you create a digital masterpiece that speaks to your customers. The result? A visually stunning online store that is not just a place to shop but an immersive experience, a testament to your brand's identity, and an open invitation to your customers to embark on a unique and memorable journey. It's not just about templates; it's about transforming your e-commerce canvas into a work of art.

Cost-Effective Plans

In the world of e-commerce, where every penny counts, finding the perfect balance between affordability and functionality is akin to discovering the golden ticket. Wix, the versatile e-commerce platform, is here to grant you that coveted pass to budget-friendly success.

Wix's cost-effective plans are designed to be a lifesaver for businesses of all sizes, whether you're just starting or looking to scale your e-commerce empire. The beauty lies in the diversity of these plans, each tailored to meet specific needs and budgets. Wix isn't just about building websites; it's about fostering e-commerce growth without breaking the bank. Their pricing structure starts at a remarkable £0*, making it an ideal starting point for entrepreneurs who want to test the digital waters without initial financial commitments. This free plan is a valuable resource, providing essential tools to kickstart your online journey. For those looking for more comprehensive features, Wix offers a range of premium plans, ensuring you're well-equipped to handle the demands of a thriving online store. These plans are structured to be affordable, considering the broad spectrum of e-commerce businesses, from small boutiques to expansive marketplaces.

So, whether you're operating on a shoestring budget or aiming for the stars, Wix's cost-effective plans have got you covered. With pricing that starts at £0 and extends up to £119* per month, Wix has carved a path for businesses to achieve their online aspirations without the heavy price tag. It's not just about affordability; it's about unlocking a world of e-commerce possibilities while keeping your financial foundation secure.

Advanced E-Commerce Tools

We all know that, nowadays, staying competitive and thriving in the digital marketplace requires more than just the basics. It demands a toolkit of advanced e-commerce features that can give your online store an edge. Enter Wix – a platform that doesn't just meet your requirements; it exceeds your expectations with many advanced e-commerce tools that boost your online presence. Wix understands that modern e-commerce demands more than just a virtual storefront. It's about creating an immersive and seamless shopping experience for your customers, one that leaves them coming back for more. That's where Wix's array of advanced e-commerce tools comes into play.

Global Shipping and Payment Options.

Wix empowers your online store with the capability to offer worldwide shipping and payment options. This means you can reach customers across borders and provide them with the convenience of selecting their preferred payment methods and shipping solutions. It's like having a worldwide shipping and payment department ensuring your e-commerce operations transcend geographical boundaries.

Abandoned Cart Email Feature.

The abandoned cart, often the bane of many e-commerce businesses, can become a treasure trove of potential sales. Wix recognizes the importance of converting these abandoned carts into completed purchases.

Its handy abandoned cart email feature steps in as your virtual sales assistant. It automatically sends well-crafted, personalized emails to customers who leave their shopping carts behind. These gentle reminders encourage them to return and complete their purchases, boosting your conversion rates and revenue. It's like having a 24/7 sales team dedicated to recouping lost sales, making every visitor count.

The power of Wix's advanced e-commerce tools continues beyond there. The platform offers a suite of features designed to streamline your online business operations, from inventory management to order processing and everything in between. You're not just building a website; you're creating a sophisticated e-commerce ecosystem that ensures your customers have a seamless, hassle-free shopping experience.

Unified Multichannel Selling

One of Wix's strong suits is its ability to facilitate multichannel selling. The benefits are clear: streamlined inventory management, centralized order processing, and a unified approach to customer management. Imagine expanding your reach to not only your website visitors but also to the millions of potential customers frequenting online marketplaces like Amazon and eBay. With Wix, this becomes a reality. It's like setting up shop in multiple bustling markets simultaneously, ensuring your products are where your customers are.

Going further, e-commerce doesn't end with online transactions; there's a tangible world out there where in-person sales can be equally vital. Whether you have a physical store or attend trade shows and events, Wix caters to your needs. It transforms your e-commerce platform into a mobile point of sale (POS) solution. It's like having a portable cash register that allows you to accept payments in person, providing a seamless shopping experience that bridges the digital and physical worlds.

Performance and Security

Wix doesn't compromise on the essentials. It boasts a reliable and secure infrastructure, ensuring your store can scale without a hitch. The platform stands as a guardian dedicated to fortifying the foundations of your digital empire. It incorporates advanced security measures to protect your website and customer data so your customers can shop with confidence, knowing that their personal and financial information is in safe hands. With Wix, reliability is non-negotiable, ensuring customers can access your store anytime, day or night. It's like having a dedicated team of technicians monitoring your e-commerce operations around the clock, providing minimal downtime and uninterrupted shopping experiences for your customers. E-commerce isn't just about starting; it's about growing. Your online store may begin as a small boutique, but it has the potential to evolve into a thriving marketplace. Wix acknowledges this and provides a robust and scalable infrastructure. As your business expands, your website can effortlessly adapt to the increased demands without a hitch. It's like having an elastic foundation that stretches to accommodate your success, ensuring that milestones, not limitations, mark your e-commerce journey.

Marketing Tools and SEO Foundation

To thrive in e-commerce, you need more than just a pretty storefront. Wix equips you with advanced marketing tools and a robust SEO foundation for sustainable growth. From email marketing campaigns that convert visitors into loyal customers to social media integrations that amplify your brand's presence, Wix ensures you have the resources to expand your reach and create a lasting online impact. Every element, from metadata and URL structures to responsive designs and fast loading times, is meticulously optimised to enhance your visibility in search engine results. It's like having a team of marketing experts crafting strategies to elevate your e-commerce business. Wix's commitment to marketing and SEO goes beyond the initial setup. It's an ongoing journey, continually evolving to adapt to the ever-changing digital landscape. Wix keeps you updated with the latest SEO trends and provides tools to analyse and improve your website's performance. It's not just about building a website; it's about empowering you to become a digital marketing maven.

Custom Domain

Wix brings a sweet deal to the table for its users, paying annually. When you opt for any of Wix's annual plans, you'll receive a complimentary custom domain name for the first year of your service. This means you can proudly showcase your online presence with a domain without incurring additional costs. It's a thoughtful gesture that adds value to your Wix experience, making it even more accessible for those launching their digital ventures. So, when you embark on your website-building journey with Wix, the first step – securing a unique custom domain – is a gift for your inaugural year of service.

Multilingual Sites

In a world where the boundaries between nations are gradually fading, catering to an international audience is no longer an option; it's a strategic imperative. Wix, the versatile e-commerce platform, recognises this global shift and empowers you to create multilingual sites. It's not just about having a website; it's about extending your digital reach globally. By offering your content in multiple languages, you open the door to a broader audience, reaching potential customers who might have otherwise been out of your reach. It's like turning your online store into an international marketplace where every visitor feels welcome, regardless of location or language.

24/7 Support

Round-the-clock support is a lifeline for e-commerce businesses. Wix provides just that, offering assistance whenever you need it. Their 24/7 support is your constant companion, standing by to assist you with any issues or questions that may arise. It's like having a trusted co-pilot on your e-commerce journey, ready to step in whenever you need guidance or assistance.

Wix's support isn't just about being available; it's about being reliable. Their team of experts is well-versed in the platform's intricacies and e-commerce in general. Whether you're facing a technical hurdle, need advice on optimising your online store, or have a query, Wix's support team is just a message or call away.


Payment Restrictions on Free Plan

While Wix's free plan is a valuable starting point, it falls short in one crucial aspect: it doesn't allow you to accept payments. To unlock full e-commerce potential, you'll need to subscribe to a paid plan.

Selling in multiple currencies

Wix recognises the importance of catering to a global audience, and it offers a currency converter drop-down menu as a helpful tool for e-commerce businesses. This feature allows you to display product prices in different currencies, making it more convenient for international visitors to view your offerings.

However, there's a caveat to consider – despite the ability to display prices in various currencies, Wix's online store visitors currently can't complete their checkout process in their currency.

While this feature simplifies the shopping experience and provides valuable information for potential buyers, the final transaction will be conducted in the currency of the store's location. This is an aspect to remember when using Wix for global sales, as it differs from Shopify's comprehensive approach to multicurrency payments.


Learn more about WIX and its features on our Wix web design video channel



Shopify ecommerce solution



Shopify's user-friendly interface is designed with both beginners and seasoned e-commerce professionals in mind. It provides an intuitive, easy-to-navigate dashboard to manage your products, orders, customers, and more. The clean and organised layout ensures you can focus on running your business without getting lost in complex menus or settings.


Shopify boasts a selection of over 160 templates to give your online store a polished and professional look. While there are 12 free themes available, the premium themes, which come at a cost, offer even more customisation options and unique designs to make your store stand out.


The platform offers a range of pricing plans, each designed to meet the unique needs of different enterprises. Whether you're a budding entrepreneur or an established, large-scale business, Shopify has a plan for you. Let's explore the three distinct pricing tiers:

Basic Plan - Starting at £25/month* (For Individuals & Small Businesses)

The Basic Plan is your gateway to the world of e-commerce. Priced at just £25 per month, it's ideal for individuals, startups, and small businesses. With this plan, you get everything you need to create your online store, showcase your products, process payments, and manage your inventory. It's a cost-effective solution that provides all the essential tools to kickstart your online venture. Whether you're a solo entrepreneur or a small team, the Basic Plan is your foundation for e-commerce success.

Shopify Plan - Starting at £65/month* (For Small Businesses)

As your business grows, so do your requirements. The Shopify Plan, starting at £65 per month, is tailored to the needs of small businesses aiming for professional-grade e-commerce operations. In addition to the features of the Basic Plan, it offers advanced capabilities like professional reporting, allowing you to gain valuable insights into your business's performance. You also gain more staff accounts, ensuring your growing team can collaborate seamlessly. With the Shopify Plan, you're equipped to take your business to the next level and make data-driven decisions.

Advanced Plan - Starting at £344/month* (For Medium to Large Businesses)

Medium and large businesses demand a top-tier e-commerce solution, and that's where the Advanced Plan shines. Starting at £344 per month, it provides the best of what Shopify offers. In addition to all the features of the previous plans, you receive custom reporting tools that allow you to tailor your analytics to your business's unique needs.

Furthermore, the Advanced Plan boasts the lowest transaction fees, saving you money on each sale. It's the plan of choice for businesses that require the utmost in customization, analytics, and performance. If your business operates on a grand scale, the Advanced Plan ensures you have the tools and capabilities to excel.

Additionally, for those looking to embark on their Shopify journey, there's an enticing option to kickstart your online store. With a special offer, you can get your first three months of Shopify for just £1 per month. This promotion provides an affordable way to dive into the world of e-commerce, allowing you to explore and harness Shopify's powerful tools and features without a significant upfront investment.

E-commerce Tools

Shopify is renowned for its array of e-commerce tools. From abandoned cart recovery and discount codes to secure payment gateways, Shopify equips you with the essential features you need to succeed in the online retail world. Its extensive inventory management system, customizable order processing, and robust analytics give you an edge in managing your business efficiently.

Multilingual sites

Shopify offers a feature where you can host up to 20 multilingual sites, allowing you to create and manage multiple versions of your online store in different languages. This feature is incredibly valuable for businesses that want to reach a diverse, global audience and provide a more personalized shopping experience for customers who prefer to browse and shop in their native language.


Similarly to Wix, Shopify provides excellent customer support, ensuring that you have access to assistance when you need it. You can rely on 24/7 online support, chat, email, and phone support to address your queries and concerns promptly. The extensive knowledge base and an active online forum further enhance your experience.

Comprehensive MultiCurrency Payment Solutions

Shopify takes a robust stance on multicurrency payments, offering a more comprehensive solution for businesses looking to engage with a global customer base. With Shopify, you can facilitate total, end-to-end multicurrency payments in two distinct ways. Firstly, through 'Shopify Markets,' an in-house global selling tool. This feature empowers you to accept local currencies and even specify language settings for different countries, creating a more tailored and user-friendly shopping experience for international customers.

Secondly, Shopify allows you to expand your multicurrency capabilities by installing dedicated third-party apps. These apps provide even greater flexibility, enabling you to adapt your online store to the unique needs of a diverse global audience. This means that with Shopify, you're equipped not only to showcase your products in different currencies but also to seamlessly conduct transactions in those currencies, a valuable advantage for businesses seeking to thrive in the global market.


Transaction Fees

On the 'Basic' plans or higher tiers, Shopify implements transaction fees ranging from 0.5% to 2% per sale, depending on your chosen plan. However, if you find yourself on the 'Starter' plan, be prepared for a rate of 5%. It's a consideration that can significantly impact your overall costs, depending on your plan and location.

Moreover, it's essential to keep your location in mind. While Shopify Payments is a convenient option, it's available only in select countries. If you happen to reside in an area where it's not accessible, you'll need to resort to a third-party payment gateway – and Shopify will impose additional charges for this.

Marketing Features

Regarding advanced marketing features, such as email marketing campaigns, social media integration, or search engine optimisation (SEO), Shopify's native tools are comparatively limited. While you can create and manage primary marketing campaigns, more sophisticated or specific marketing needs require the use of third-party apps.

Custom Domain

While it provides the convenience of domain registration within its platform, it's important to note that Shopify doesn't extend this service for free. Unlike some other platforms, where you might find your custom domain bundled with your subscription, Shopify follows a distinct model.

Users are welcome to register domains using the Shopify platform, but it's a separate transaction with its associated costs. So, if you're a Shopify user, you have the flexibility to choose and secure your desired domain. Still, it's an additional investment to consider as part of your e-commerce journey.

3. Wix vs Shopify - Verdict.

In the high-stakes world of e-commerce, Wix vs Shopify- a battle unfolds, offering businesses a diverse array of choices. Both platforms have evolved considerably, making them suitable for many online ventures. In this review, we compared their crucial features, considering critical aspects like cost, e-commerce capabilities, customer support, ease of use, and scalability.

Wix shines with its user-friendly interface, diverse templates, cost-effective plans, and a comprehensive set of e-commerce tools, from global shipping to abandoned cart emails. It's a versatile companion, accommodating multichannel selling and ensuring performance and security. With multilingual capabilities and 24/7 support, Wix is a robust contender.

Shopify stands out with built-in e-commerce features, a wide range of payment options, and live chat support. While its pricing can be on the higher end, it offers scalability for small and medium-sized businesses. Plus, it supports multi-currency payments via 'Shopify Markets' or third-party multicurrency apps.

However, the distinction arises in handling custom domains and currency conversion. Wix generously offers a free custom domain with annual plans, while Shopify, although allowing domain registration, doesn't provide one for free. Additionally, while Wix displays prices in various currencies, transactions are in the store's currency. In contrast, Shopify empowers businesses with multicurrency payments through 'Shopify Markets' or third-party multicurrency apps.

As you can see, in this e-commerce showdown, Shopify vs Wix, the choice between these platforms ultimately hinges on your specific business needs.

Shopify vs Wix – It's Your Turn

We trust that you found this Wix vs Shopify comparison informative and engaging. Do you have any questions? Feel free to reach out to us, and we'll make every effort to assist you. Your input is invaluable to us.

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*Correct as of October 31st 2023.


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