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Introducing Wix Reviews: The New Feature to Boost Your Online Store's Credibility and Sales

Hello Wix Users! We are thrilled to announce a new feature that will take your Wix online store to the next level - Wix Reviews. This tool allows your customers to share their product experiences directly on your website, boosting your brand's credibility and fostering a sense of community. Not only do positive reviews help increase sales by showcasing the quality of your products, but they also provide valuable feedback to help you improve your services. Plus, you can manage and respond to all your reviews straight from your Wix dashboard.

Here's a quick guide on how to add Wix Reviews to your store and customize its settings for optimal use:

Wix Reviews
Wix Reviews

Adding Wix Reviews to Your Store

First things first, you need to add Wix Reviews to your store's product page.

Here's how to do it:

  1. Open the Editor and navigate to the Product page.

  2. Click the Plugins icon.

  3. Select Wix Reviews.

Please note that importing reviews from other platforms or apps is currently not supported.​

Customizing Wix Reviews Settings

Once you've added Wix Reviews to your store, it's time to personalize its functionality to suit your business needs:

  1. Go to Reviews in your site's dashboard.

  2. Click Settings at the top right.

  3. Customize the following options to your preference:

Review Form Customization

You can customize the form that customers fill out when leaving a review. It can be as simple as a star rating, or you can allow customers to write detailed reviews and upload images and videos. To do this:

  1. Click Edit next to Review form.

  2. Edit the Star rating label, Title, Body, Media, and Button text as per your requirements.

Moderation Settings

You have control over which reviews to moderate. This means you can flag and delete any reviews that are irrelevant or contain offensive content.

To set this up:

  1. Click Edit next to Moderation.

  2. Enable the images and videos toggle to moderate media.

  3. Enable the Ratings toggle to moderate reviews based on star ratings.

  4. Enable the word filter and add any words that trigger moderation​1​.

Email Notifications

Encourage customers to write reviews by sending them an email notification 14 days after their purchase. Simply:

  1. Click Edit next to Email notifications.

  2. Enable the Ask customers for a review 14 days after they order toggle​1​.

"Reply as" Name

You can also customize the name that appears when you respond to a review​

Voting on Reviews

Decide whether to allow customers to vote on the helpfulness of reviews. If enabled, you can choose to show helpful votes only or both helpful and not helpful votes.

Enable the helpful votes to toggle to set this up​.​

We hope you find the Wix Reviews feature helpful for your online store. Remember, your customers' feedback is not just a testament to your product quality, but it's also a powerful tool to improve your offerings and foster a community around your brand. So go ahead, activate Wix Reviews, and let your customers do the talking!


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