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WIX Websites - DIY or NOT?

Although #WIX and other site builders seem like they do a lot of the groundwork for you, it isn't so easy to make something both effective and aesthetically pleasing.

Many small businesses love the opportunity to build their own projects with pre-made elements and even templates, but these things can be limiting.

A freestyle approach might look good on a small business website in the early stages of development when it's fresh and new, but over time it may quickly become clear that your project isn't working in its current state!

Often when uninformed individuals attempt to create a website on their own, they end up spending a lot of time and money, only to realize that the site they created doesn't meet business needs and doesn't attract the ideal client.

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Choose two options :-)

What happens next is that we (Vision Marketing) end up redesigning or revamping the site from scratch... and a business ends up paying more in time and money altogether to get their project off the ground.

Investing in a professional to craft your business website might seem like an expensive option, but surely it's better than trying to do it yourself and not having the time or experience.

In the long run - it will end up costing less in time and money!

Website builders are a great solution for managing information easily and making small changes like adding or updating content or writing a blog.

When it comes to web design, though, it's better to work on strong foundations that are built by a professional so as not to make all of your hard work collapse without you being fully aware of what's happening under the surface!

If you are considering building your website, send us a message first!

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