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Ongoing SEO That Works!

This Case Study focuses on the approach we took to the ongoing SEO Strategy for Yew Tree Landscapes.

Yew Tree Landscapes is a small, local landscaping company run by Phil­ - passionate landscaping professional. We have started working with Phil on his website at the beginning of 2019. Phil was not happy with the website he had. It was built using a primary website builder and did not attract visitors, meaning it was not bringing clients.

He needed a website that would be more effective in reaching his target market. He contacted us at Vision Marketing to discuss his needs.

The Challenge

Vision Marketing's challenge was increasing Yew Tree Landscape's brand awareness, improving organic search performance, and bringing in more work through the website.


After conducting an in­depth audit of the existing website, we have decided to move it over to the Wix platform, redesign it to enhance the overall experience on the site, implement an ongoing SEO strategy to keep ahead of the digital curve and achieve real search success.

Stage 1­ - User and SEO­-friendly web design

To our skilled and experienced team of digital marketing experts at Vision Marketing, it is evident that the website needs to be designed with the end­user and Google algorithms in mind.

Matt ­ our web design guru who knows all the essential principles of an effective web design has developed a new layout and internal linking structure that made it functional, direction­oriented, mobile­friendly, and efficient.

To accommodate every possible viewing experience (desktop, tablet etc.) and have every chance to convert, he kept responsiveness as one of the top design priorities, all to not miss any opportunity to convert.

Stage 2 ­SEO - optimized content creation

Our in­house copywriter­ Anna, completed keyword research to create a detailed content map and craft compelling content. The idea behind it was simple­ to communicate the value of the relevant offer and convert visitors into leads.

The website's content needed to be clear, concise, and guide Yew Tree Landscape's visitors to get in touch and discuss the upcoming landscaping projects.

Bearing in mind that there is a very limited amount of time to capture visitors' attention, Anna made sure the message was transparent. The call to action was easy to find and irresistible.

Stage 3­ - Ongoing SEO

Phil at Yew Tree Landscapes was looking for a new and working approach to his digital marketing to set him apart from the competitors and improve his website's rankings. We advised the strategy of an ongoing SEO to work towards his business goals.

The idea of organic traffic increase through blogs worked out exceptionally well in this case. Our blog strategy focused on becoming an industry leader and solving customers' pain points to improve qualified traffic.

Regular blogging allowed Phil to dive more profound than the landing pages on the website and create a base of expertly written, valuable and persona­optimised content focused on his market audience blog articles.

Stage 4 ­ Ongoing SEO ­ Promoting Blog on Social Media

To bring in all the benefits from Yew Tree Landscape's blog content marketing, we have implemented a strategy to market this content effectively.

By bridging Social Media with the blog posts, we allowed the targeted audience to connect with the blog section integrated into the website. Posts are shared at a consistent frequency with the optimum posting times in mind.

All the messages that promote blogs are written in a simple way that motivates the readers to read them. Posts are shared with expertly designed graphics to avoid automatic thumbnail images grabbed by Social Media Platforms from the links.


To Conclude

The overall project has been highly satisfactory. The Yew Tree Landscapes website enables the expected traffic for the company's continuous growth.

As a result, the owner ­Phil had to buy another truck, employ additional landscapers and is booked a few months ahead.



Contacted Matt after reading his reviews. I am very happy with the end result of the website and design. I would recommend Matt and the services he provides." Phil

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