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LinkedIn Posting Strategy in 2022

Top tips for how you can master LinkedIn Posting Strategy for business.

The professional social networking site LinkedIn, formerly only a place to post resumes and find jobs, has gained new relevance as its use by professionals has skyrocketed. It now boasts an audience of nearly 800 million members in more than 200 countries and territories worldwide [1], who are continuously checking their accounts for updates on new connections, posts from colleagues or resumes of possible job candidates.

LinkedIn Posting Strategy in 2022

As a business owner, you might wonder how you can get started using the platform for your benefit? Here are five tips for how you can master LinkedIn Posting Strategy for business and help you take advantage of LinkedIn.

Tips for mastering LinkedIn Posting Strategy

1. Consider the audience you want to target

It is more important than ever to have a clear target audience in today's competitive world. If you don't know your audience, none of your marketing campaigns will be successful. Tailor your language and tone to whomever you are trying to reach. For example, if you target sales professionals, select industry topics they care about to get them on board. Talk about what they would find interesting and important in your work. Do not neglect smaller consumer groups: consider specific niche communities that might not know about or use your product.

2. Get your team involved

You should urge your team members to become more active on LinkedIn because it thrives on interactions. By bringing your team in, you can make a significant difference in the reach, growth and success of your LinkedIn Posting Strategy. Inspire your colleagues to join groups focused on specific topics relevant to your industry, post updates, answer questions, and comment on posts while sticking to the branding and adding a little bit of their professional personality.

3. Try different post types

Everyone has their preferences on what content they like. While some value the power of text­only posts, others want to watch a video or look at an infographic. On LinkedIn, you have a few different formats to test:

  • Articles ­ an excellent way to share your thoughts and expertise in the field

  • Native Videos ­ an opportunity to explain slightly more complicated matters in a more straightforward, easier to digest way

  • Text only ­ works best to cover a specific point concisely without imagery (except for emojis)

  • LinkedIn Polls ­ a creative way of gathering creative insights.

  • Single Image ­ an opportunity to engage with your target audience through educational infographics, relevant adverts and messages

  • Documents ­ to build authority, you can share PowerPoint files, Word documents or PDFs

  • Events ­ organise online and offline events to promote your online workshops, product launch, or in­person events

  • Celebrate an Occasion ­ an excellent way to celebrate something that you are delighted about in your professional life, i.e. a new project launch, a new colleague joining the team etc.

  • Offer Help ­ let your professional network know that you are keen to provide a helping hand and assistance

4. Be genuine and consistent

While any social media marketing is promotion­related, try to promote your brand without taking a hard sell angle. Never rely on pushy, hard­sell tactics. Build relationships with your customers and potential clients. Focus on producing valuable and authentic content relevant to your industry and target audience. Establish trust and authority. Please note that you should create posts regularly to maintain a successful LinkedIn presence. While it may be challenging initially, it is vital to generate more exposure, drive traffic and attract more followers.

5. Analyse and adjust

Do not give up when your posts don't initially get the level of response you hoped for. That doesn't mean that they were not attractive. Do not worry! LinkedIn is here to help. You can monitor your efforts with LinkedIn analytics directly within LinkedIn or third­party tools. Data such as the numbers of followers, the engagement rates for your posts and traffic to your website from your company's LinkedIn profile allow you to measure the results and make adjustments to develop your LinkedIn Posting Strategy proactively. Based on the findings from the metrics, you can continue delivering even more relevant content to engage users.


Are you ready to start working on your LinkedIn Posting Strategy?

We hope that this article provided some valuable insights to direct you in the right way with your LinkedIn Posting Strategy. Do not wait any longer and start building your brand, generating leads and driving more revenue by delivering valuable content to the right people today.

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Trusted sources [1] LinkedIn


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