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Live Chat for a Website on Wix

Learn how a Live Chat can benefit your Wix Website

Live Chat for a Website

Live chat has become increasingly popular as an online customer service option. It is likely because it is a great way to keep customers happy and satisfied, build customer loyalty and help resolve customer complaints quickly and efficiently.

This interactive service allows businesses to connect with their customers in real-time and provide the ability to quickly and easily answer questions. Here are some of the top reasons you should consider live chat for your website.

Five reasons why having a Live Chat for a Website is becoming a norm.

1. Live Chat for a Website is Easy and Affordable

Live chat is a great way to get help from customer service. It's more cost-effective than phone customer service. In a traditional phone call, customer service, one person can help with just one inquiry at a time. Sometimes, this can take a lot of time, so the others wait longer for someone to answer their call, which can be frustrating.

Live chat allows agents to reply to multiple clients simultaneously, making it a valuable communication tool. This capability can help agents provide faster and more effective customer service. A typical live chat session can be completed in as little as 10 minutes, which is much quicker than any other form of customer service, meaning fewer agents are needed to scale up your business.

2. Live Chat for a Website helps to Solve Complex Queries

Live Chat for a Website

As businesses strive to be more accessible and customer-orientated, adding a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section to a website or an automated chatbot is often practised. Indeed, having these two can be a great way to help customers find the answers they're looking for, however, there are times when customers have more complex queries and can't find the answers they're looking for, and this is when a Live Chat comes in handy.

Instead of waiting on a response via e-mail with live chat, people can promptly get an answer from a customer service agent. Giving customers an option of chatting with a live agent makes them feel that they are taken care of and therefore experience higher customer service satisfaction.

3. Live Chat for a Website helps to Increase Retention

customer retention

A customer who can easily find answers to its questions on your site is likely to be satisfied and return, meaning you're not losing out on potential business and revenue. Providing only a contact form, e-mail address, or telephone number doesn't compare with the quick resolution that a live agent can offer. Incorporating a live chat option into a website means faster resolution times to questions and concerns and demonstrates a commitment to customer satisfaction.

Thanks to the live website chat, customers know that if questions or problems arise, customer service agents will be there for them to help out. Therefore they become loyal and are happy to recommend your products or services to their friends and family.

4. Live Chat for a Website helps to Increase revenue

increase revenue with WIX chat

It is not a secret that businesses are more than ever obliged to create a good customer experience in today's economy. Live chat agents are a valuable resource for companies that want to increase sales. They can help customers who have questions about two similar products or services or are indecisive.

For example, a customer may be undecided about which product to buy and may need help deciding which is the best option. A live chat agent can provide the necessary information and advice in a way that is easy for the customer to understand. Customers often go with live chat agents' recommendations as this help make a decision quickly and easily.

5. Live Chat for a Website helps to Get Insights Into Your Customer's Needs

Solve customers needs

If you're like most businesses, you'd love to know what your customers are saying about your services. Live chat agents can help you get the data you need without spending much or taking up much of your time. You can save transcripts of each conversation, analyse the data to see how satisfied your customers are and identify areas where you need to improve.

Thanks to the tracking feature, all the issues and responding to them in a consistent manner, you can build trust with your customers and increase their satisfaction with your service. By looking into customers' needs and concerns raised through a live online chat, you might realise that your product range needs expansion or carriage costs need a revision.

Why Your Business Needs Live Chat on Its Website - Key Takeaways

In today's competitive business world, any company needs to offer an excellent experience to their customers to keep them coming back. With the rise of online shopping, it has become even more critical for businesses to ensure that their customers have a positive experience when visiting their websites.

When people have a good experience on a web page, they are more likely to return and recommend that others do the same. Adding a live chat facility for your Wix Website is a great idea that can create loyal customers who will buy, stay, return and tell their friends and family about the great experience.


Wix Website Live Chat. Get Started today!

The days of waiting on customer service to get a response is over.

Almost every business is now doing real-time communication with their customers.

If you own a Wix website and miss out on this opportunity, now is the time to change it. Get in touch with our knowledgeable digital marketing team to find out how easy you can implement and manage a live chat on your Wix website.


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