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Unlock the Power of Online Fundraising with the New WIX Donations Feature

In an era where digital transformation is paramount, non-profits and charities increasingly seek effective ways to engage donors and streamline their fundraising efforts. Recognising this need, WIX has introduced a powerful tool designed to revolutionise how these organisations raise funds: the WIX Donations feature.

Developed by WIX Studio, this innovative feature enhances the functionality of your charity's website, making online donations effortless and more impactful.

Screenshot of a donation page for paw-place shelter, featuring various donation options, a summary of the shelter's mission, and navigation links for additional information and contact.

Why Choose WIX Donations?

WIX Donations is an all-in-one solution tailored specifically for non-profit organisations looking to expand their fundraising capabilities. This feature allows charities to easily set up and manage donation campaigns directly from their WIX websites. 

Here are some of the key benefits:

  1. Customisable Donation Forms WIX Donations allows you to create customizable donation forms that seamlessly integrate with your site's design. You can modify form fields to gather the information you need from donors, ensuring a cohesive and brand-aligned experience.

  2. Efficient Donation Management Track and manage your donations effortlessly with WIX's built-in tools. Everything is centralised, from processing payments to maintaining donor records, making it easier for you to focus on what matters most—your mission.

  3. Recurring Donations: Boost your fundraising strategy by enabling recurring donations. This feature encourages donors to commit to ongoing support, giving your organisation a predictable income stream.

  4. Acknowledgements and Donor Engagement: Automatically send personalised thank-you emails to your donors, fostering positive relationships and enhancing donor retention. This customised touch can significantly impact donor satisfaction and loyalty.

How to Get Started with WIX Donations

Setting up WIX Donations is straightforward. Simply add the WIX Donations app to your site through the WIX App Market. Once installed, you can start customising your donation forms and settings. 

WIX Studio provides comprehensive support to ensure that integrating this feature is as smooth as possible, empowering you to launch your fundraising campaigns without any technical hassles.

Optimising Your Fundraising Campaigns

To make the most of WIX Donations, consider these tips:
  1. Promote Matching Gifts Encourage more donations by promoting matching gift programs. Inform your donors if their employer offers matching gifts, doubling the impact of their donation.

  2. Share Impact Stories Use your WIX website to share stories and updates about how donations are being used. Real-life impact stories resonate with donors and can motivate further support.

  3. Utilise SEO Strategies: Enhance your website's visibility by optimising your content with relevant SEO keywords such as "online donations," "charity donation platform," and "non-profit fundraising." This will help potential donors find your site more easily.


WIX Donations by WIX Studio offers a comprehensive, user-friendly solution for non-profits and charities aiming to enhance their fundraising efforts. With customisable donation forms, efficient management tools, and features that boost donor engagement, it's an invaluable addition to your digital strategy. 


Start leveraging the power of WIX Donations today to transform your online fundraising and help your organisation thrive in the digital age.

Ready to boost your charity's fundraising efforts? Book a free consultation with Vision Marketing to discuss your web development options!


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