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Boxing Trainer Website

How Vision Marketing used the power of Wix to set up a functional Website for a Boxing Trainer.

Client Brief

The Box London is a Boxing Studio in The West London area founded in 2016 by Ali J Ahmed. This passionate professional boxing coach obtained his expert nutrition and sports knowledge from St Marry's University. He always wanted to get into coaching, and he successfully did.

The Box London is a dedicated boxing studio that prides itself on being a place where people of all abilities, genders, ages and fitness levels can attend and have a feeling of achievement and self­worth. To read the full story on how The Box London was born, please click here.

Understanding the Pain Points of a Boxing Studio without a Website

To maintain high­quality training sessions and cater to the growing number of clients, we needed to develop a self­explanatory website to help The Box London founder manage his business and support its growth. There was a requirement for a secure boxing trainer website with a class schedule and online booking system.

The website needed to allow clients to sign up for single classes, book personal training sessions or become members without making an appointment, and for The Box London to confirm their classes/memberships. In addition, the website demanded the connection to the mailing system so clients could be notified of schedules updates, news and events through email.

Our Boxing Trainer Website Design Strategy

We found that boxing, fitness, personal trainers and gym owners often waste a lot of time that they haven't got on repetitive manual admin work like scheduling appointments. It takes their attention away from what they are passionate about ­ training their clients.

When we started working with The Box London, their website was beautifully designed on WordPress, but it was no longer fit for their growing business. To help with the increasing demand for their boxing classes, they needed a bespoke boxing trainer website that would automatically handle all the bookings and fill their sessions with new members.

What have we done?

To find a solution, we moved the existing website to WIX. We used a range of fitness­specific tools that helped the customers of The Box London quickly join and pay for the classes with minimum administration involved.

What tools have we used?

As premium WIX partners, we focus on how WIX Tools can be utilised to their maximum potential and provide business owners with a one­stop­shop solution for their needs. Armed with our knowledge and experience, we incorporated the following functionalities within the new The Box London's online presence.

Wix Bookings Wix Bookings is a scheduling system that enables customers to book services online. This allowed our client to properly focus on other aspects of running the business while customers could check the class schedule and book classes, all from their mobile devices. Thanks to this functionality, managing the calendar or updating a training session takes a minimum with just a few taps on the screen.

WIX Bookings App Example

Wix Payments When businesses fight for a competitive edge, a payment system that can be set up instantly is a true gem. Thanks to Wix Payments, clients of The Box London can securely pay for their training spots in just a few clicks. With this easy­to­use feature, online payments have never been more manageable for The Box London!

Wix Automations Welcome to the new era of website automation! To streamline our client's workflow and save their time on manual tasks, we have set up Wix Automations for The Box London. It's never been easier to send automated emails to the clients, remind them about their invoices, create tasks for the team and much more. The time we have managed to free up for The Box London Team, they now spend what they truly love ­ making the mark on the sport.

Blog App We know that blogging has evolved, and nowadays, blogging is essential to any business. Gone are days when only individuals used their blogs to express their points of view. Thanks to the blog App, our client can now share his extensive sports and nutrition knowledge to grow his business, build credibility and expand his reach.

WIX Blog App
WIX Blog App


Final takeaways and thoughts

The main idea of developing a boxing trainer website for The Box London was to help the owner waste loads of time on admin work, keep up with the latest trends and stay convenient for clients. The website we developed for The Box London immediately became the most powerful asset in their business, allowing the owner and the team to manage their working time more efficiently, just in several clicks.

Whether you are a boxing, yoga, fitness, or personal trainer looking to create a professional and customised website that will help grow your business, we can help. Get in touch today and discuss all the features you need.


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