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Empowering Growth Through Tailored SEO Strategy

Pepperpot Herbs Nursery SEO Success Story


Hampshire-based Fresh Herb Plant Nursery


Increase SEO rankings for targeted keywords and improve online visibility to boost online sales.
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Over the course of the past 12 months, our client, a local fresh herb plant nursery, has experienced a significant climb in SEO rankings for various targeted keywords. Through our tailored and comprehensive SEO content marketing strategy, the client now ranks 1 for multiple keywords, resulting in increased organic traffic and improved online presence.

Today, our client proudly holds the top position on search engines for various keywords related to fresh herb plants, gift sets, and more. This incredible achievement has boosted their website's organic traffic and translated into impressive conversion rates, outperforming the vast majority of sites in the Gardening & Landscaping category in the United Kingdom.

Let's take a closer look at the remarkable insights from the last 30 days, which serve as a testament to the tremendous impact of our tailored SEO strategy on our nursery's success.

From conversion rates that rival industry leaders to engaging user experiences that keep visitors exploring, our SEO-driven journey is a testament to our commitment to excellence.

Discover how our strategic SEO approach has made us a top-ranking fresh herb nursery and the go-to destination for herb enthusiasts seeking a slice of nature's finest offerings.

Join us on this thrilling taxe through the incredible results we've achieved through our tailored SEO content strategy.

Insights Analysis.

Pepperpot Herbs Nursery SEO Success Story

Conversion Rate.

One of the most striking successes of the past 30 days lies in the exceptional conversion rate observed on the client's website. Among the 1,617 sessions during this period, a remarkable 197 sessions culminated in a purchase. This translates to an impressive conversion rate of approximately 12.2%, outperforming a substantial 85% of websites in the Gardening & Landscaping category in the United Kingdom.

This outstanding conversion rate serves as a testament to the undeniable efficacy of our tailored SEO strategy. By meticulously crafting and executing an SEO plan that aligns with the client's unique offerings and target audience, our team has masterfully driven relevant and high-intent traffic to the website.

As a result, we have successfully engaged prospective customers with captivating content, seamless user experiences, and strategically placed calls to action, motivating them to take the desired action of making a purchase.

Product Views.

In the last 30 days, the client's website experienced a flourishing landscape of product views, bearing testimony to the success of our tailored SEO strategy. Among a total of 1,687 site sessions recorded during this period, an impressive 822 sessions involved visitors actively engaging with the enticing array of products offered by the client's esteemed nursery. This robust engagement rate translates to an exceptional 48.7%, soaring above the performance of a remarkable 85% of websites in the Gardening & Landscaping category within the United Kingdom.

Our tailored SEO strategy has been instrumental in cultivating an environment that captivates and nurtures the interests of the website's visitors, guiding them towards exploring the diverse range of delightful fresh herb plants and related products. By meticulously curating relevant and keyword-optimised content, we have been able to attract a steady stream of highly-targeted traffic, consisting of individuals genuinely seeking to embrace the wonders of nature through our client's offerings.


Within the digital realm of fresh herb enchantment, our client's website stands tall as a beacon of success, having ascended to the coveted throne of top positions for numerous targeted keywords. Among the impressive list of keywords where our client reigns supreme are gems like

  • "fresh herb nursery,"

  • "fresh herb plants online,"

  • "fresh herb gift box,"

  • "fresh herb plants delivered,"

  • "buy fresh herb plants,"

  • "herb plants online UK," and "pepperpot herbs."

These keywords, adorned with a high search volume halo, signify herb enthusiasts' collective yearning and fervour in the UK.

As seekers of fresh herb plants flock to the digital landscape in search of high-quality potted herbs, our tailored SEO strategy has ingeniously paved the way, guiding them like a celestial constellation to the doorstep of our client's nursery. By meticulously honing our SEO efforts, we have ensured that our client's website emerges as the go-to destination, resonating with the deepest desires and curiosities of the target audience.

Average ranking over time
Average ranking over time

Checkout and Completed Purchases.

At the heart of our tailored SEO strategy lies an unwavering commitment to converting genuine interest into tangible action. Over the past 30 days, our client's website witnessed a remarkable journey of 384 sessions progressing to the checkout stage, serving as a testament to the compelling allure of our fresh herb nursery. The sheer volume of visitors expressing a strong interest in proceeding with a purchase speaks volumes about the efficacy of our strategic approach in capturing the hearts and minds of our target audience.

Out of these checkout sessions, a resounding 204 sessions culminated in completed purchases, forging a path of success that outperforms a commendable 34% of websites in the Gardening & Landscaping category within the United Kingdom. This high rate of completed purchases represents an accomplishment in numbers and a testament to the seamless and captivating journey we have designed for our website's visitors.

Our tailored SEO strategy goes beyond merely attracting traffic; it harmonises with the website's user experience, streamlining the path to purchase and removing any obstacles along the way. With intuitive navigation and strategically placed calls to action, we have created an environment where visitors feel confident and empowered to realise their herbaceous dreams with just a few clicks.

Pages per Session.

In the enchanting realm of our client's website, visitors embark on a captivating journey of discovery, immersing themselves in a verdant tapestry of fresh herb wonders. The "pages per session" metric offers a glimpse into the enthralling engagement that unfolds with each visit. Averaging an impressive 3.2 pages per session, our visitors' insatiable appetite for exploration sets them apart, soaring high above the category average of 1.7 pages per session for sites in the Gardening & Landscaping category.

This striking metric is a testament to the seamless synergy between our tailored SEO strategy and the immersive user experience we have crafted. From the moment visitors arrive, we curate a virtual sanctuary of horticultural delights, guiding them with intuitive navigation to discover valuable content. Every click reveals a treasure trove of information about fresh herb plants, gift sets, and the art of herb gardening.

By diligently crafting content that resonates with the desires and curiosities of our audience, our tailored SEO strategy effectively beckons visitors to delve deeper into multiple areas of the website. Whether they seek insightful care tips, delightful herb recipes, or the perfect herb gift set, we ensure that every corner of our client's website exudes a captivating allure that keeps visitors spellbound.

Traffic Sources.


In the bustling realm of our client's online herbs oasis, visitors arrive drawn by the irresistible allure of fresh herb wonders. Among the many gateways through which they embark on this enchanting journey, one stands tall, reigning supreme in its popularity - Google. This coveted traffic source reigns with a resounding 66% share, epitomising the triumph of our tailored SEO strategy in propelling the client's website to the zenith of organic search visibility.

The dominance of Google as the primary traffic source is a resounding testament to the efficacy of our SEO efforts, which have artfully aligned the client's offerings with the precise queries and intents of their target audience. By meticulously researching and optimising relevant keywords, we have positioned our client's website as an authoritative and trustworthy resource within fresh herb nurseries.

As visitors from all corners of the digital landscape seek to embark on their quest for herbaceous delights, Google graciously opens the gateway to our client's website, unveiling a trove of captivating content, irresistible product offerings, and a seamless user experience. This harmonious confluence of relevancy and user-centricity has earned the loyalty and trust of Google's search algorithms, catapulting our client to the pinnacle of search engine results pages.

Direct Traffic

Beyond the grandeur of Google's domain, our tailored SEO strategy extends its influence to embrace other noteworthy traffic sources. Direct traffic, the art of reaching the website through direct URL entry or bookmarks, emerges as a formidable companion, accounting for a commendable 21% share. This reflects the brand recognition and loyalty we have fostered among our devoted audience as they return time and again to savour the freshness and vibrancy of our client's herb offerings.

Wix Email Marketing

Wix Email Marketing, a platform synonymous with innovation and personalised outreach, emerges as another instrumental source, contributing a notable 7% to the client's overall traffic. This source exemplifies our commitment to tailoring every facet of our SEO strategy, extending beyond the confines of search engines to cultivate authentic connections with our audience through strategic email campaigns.

As we celebrate the triumphant interplay of these traffic sources, we remain steadfast in our dedication to excellence. Our tailored SEO strategy continues to evolve and adapt, uncovering new pathways to enchant and inspire our audience. With an unwavering focus on innovation and data-driven insights, we will perpetually seek to elevate the client's online presence, captivating the hearts and minds of fresh herb enthusiasts worldwide.

Empowering Growth Through Tailored SEO Strategy - Pepperpot Herbs Nursery SEO Success Story - To Conclude.

Our tailored SEO strategy has unlocked the path to exceptional growth and success. Over the course of this captivating journey, Pepperpot Herbs Nursery has ascended to the pinnacle of search engine rankings, claiming the top position for an array of targeted keywords. From "fresh herb nursery" to "herb plants online UK," these keywords, adorned with high search volumes, reflect the profound impact of our tailored SEO approach.

With a remarkable conversion rate that surpasses industry benchmarks and a resounding product engagement that outshines competitors, our tailored SEO strategy has proven its prowess in capturing the hearts and minds of herb enthusiasts across the UK. Through seamless user experiences, captivating content, and strategic calls to action, we have guided visitors to explore multiple facets of the website, nurturing enduring loyalty and trust.

As the dominant traffic source, Google has graciously welcomed a steady stream of visitors, a testament to the success of our SEO efforts in boosting organic search visibility. Meanwhile, Direct traffic and Wix Email Marketing have further extended the reach of Pepperpot Herbs Nursery, exemplifying the power of our tailored approach in fostering authentic connections.

Every page viewed on the website embodies an opportunity to captivate, educate, and inspire, forging a profound engagement that enhances the chances of conversion.

Through continuous analysis and refinement, our tailored SEO strategy ensures that Pepperpot Herbs Nursery remains at the forefront of industry trends, delivering an enchanting user experience that resonates with the audience's desires.

In this empowering journey, Pepperpot Herbs Nursery is a testament to the extraordinary possibilities a tailored SEO strategy can unlock. Together, we celebrate the triumph of our client's fresh herb oasis, where nature's finest offerings await discovery, and growth knows no bounds.

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