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Wix Partner Awards Series: Vision Marketing

This article introduces our Wix Partner Awards series, celebrating the outstanding contributions of Wix Partners. Each month, we spotlight a Partner excelling in the digital realm, sharing their inspiration, strategies, goals, and unique qualities.

WIX Partner Vision Marketing - Award Winning WIX Agency
Vision Marketing - Award Winning WIX Agency

This month, we honour Vision Marketing from the UK, distinguished for their exceptional work in sophisticated code deployment.

Introducing Vision Marketing! The inception of Vision Marketing traces back to when Matt Konarzewski created a website for his wife Ana’s nascent cleaning business. Unbeknownst to him, this was the seed that would grow into his own web design agency.

It all began in 2016, when he developed a Wix website for the company, tailored for local searches and supported by a modest Google Ads budget. Within two weeks, Ana’s schedule was fully booked.


Check out Matt's Story with WIX!


With substantial marketing expertise from his tenure at an eCommerce firm and having enjoyed the website development process, Matt became a certified Wix Webmaster.

He dove into the Wix platform and, not long after, secured his inaugural client through a personal interaction during a haircut.

Matt’s venture, Vision Marketing, has since expanded into a dynamic team with expertise in SEO, social media, web, branding, and logo design. Based in Bordon, Hampshire, England, Vision Marketing exclusively uses Wix, positioning itself as a burgeoning agency that amplifies both small and large businesses' online presence to foster meaningful customer connections.

Their clientele spans the globe, including the US, UAE, and Australia.

They excel in capturing and converting leads through online reviews, the Wix community, and SEO best practices, boasting a top Google ranking for 'Wix web design UK'.

Project Highlight:

Code Zero Yachts Vision Marketing’s noteworthy project for Code Zero Yachts, a luxury yacht charter directory, demonstrates their prowess. Their mandate was to create a compelling website that facilitated instantaneous global yacht searches and bookings.

Wix Partner Vision Marketing and Code Zero Yachts project

This project captured the attention of Wix Partners due to the intricate web development that maintained the client’s brand integrity, winning Vision Marketing the Wix Partner Award.

From the onset, with a significant budget at his disposal, Matt undertook the project from scratch — from brand assets like logo and colour schemes to advanced web development.

Despite the initial trepidation, Matt embraced the startup mentality, committing to the project with cautious optimism. Their success was rooted in fulfilling the client’s vision precisely.

Building Trust with Clients For Matt, unveiling the brand was a pivotal moment that cemented the client’s trust. This opened doors to creative freedom, fostering an environment where Vision Marketing could truly excel.

Leveraging Wix’s Content Manager, the team adeptly integrated a comprehensive yacht database into the client’s site, streamlining updates via the Wix Fetch API. The development process was extensive, involving API chaining, image gallery pre-formatting, search optimization, and creating a bespoke calendar feature, culminating in a dynamic, content-rich, on-brand website.

Designing with Purpose Matt champions the significance of aligning with companies that share Vision Marketing’s ethos. He finds fulfilment in projects that are not solely profit-centric but strive for impactful, meaningful goals.

A case in point is their collaboration with the Whitehill & Bordon Community Trust, a local charity. This project was dear to Matt, involving an array of design elements that delivered a robust user and mobile experience.

Mat urges fellow agency founders to marry their purpose with their projects, ensuring sustained enthusiasm and innovative ideas for client-centred outcomes.

Industry Trends and Corporate Responsibility Matt observes a growing trend towards corporate responsibility and transparency, with companies eager to present the people behind their brands.

Vision Marketing’s trajectory in 2020 has been impressive, and Matt aspires for continued growth, team satisfaction, and making the most of the Wix Partner Program.

He values the Program’s role in keeping pace with trends. The complexity and sophistication of website creation have evolved, yet Wix remains a versatile tool for all client needs, evidenced by its adoption by major agencies in the UK.

Matt’s journey has been instructive, fostering insights he shares with other agencies on the importance of mentorship, continuous learning, recognizing one’s worth, and team investment over material acquisitions. He also emphasizes personal well-being amidst the rigours of entrepreneurship.

A Collective Achievement While Matt is thrilled with the WIX Partner Awards recognition, he emphasizes it as a collective success, attributing it to the collaborative effort of his team.


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