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Black Mountain Honey | Website Redesign Case Study

WIX Studio Website Redesign of Black Mountain Honey's Wix Website by Vision Marketing

Client: Black Mountain Honey Industry: Beekeeping Services: Provided: Website Redesign, Branding, Logo Design, SEO Functionality: eCommerce, Blog, Video, Galleries, Responsive Design Platform: WIX Studio Duration: 3-4 months

WIX Studio website showing Black Mountain Honey Homepage


Initial State of Black Mountain Honey’s Website:

Black Mountain Honey, a thriving beekeeping business, faced a significant challenge with its existing website. Initially created by the owner using WIX three years prior, the site was a product of enthusiasm and self-taught web design efforts.

While it served its initial purpose, the website began to show its limitations as the business grew. It struggled to manage the increased traffic flow and failed to reflect the professional image of the rapidly evolving enterprise. The design, once a novelty, had become outdated and did not align with the modern digital landscape.

This misalignment not only affected the aesthetic appeal but also hindered the site's functionality, leading to poor user experiences and potential loss of customer engagement.

Recognition of the Need for Professional Intervention:

As the 2023 beekeeping season concluded, the shortcomings of the website became increasingly apparent. The owner recognized that the site, in its current state, was no longer capable of supporting the business's needs effectively. It was struggling under the weight of growing online traffic and lacked the sophisticated features that modern websites typically offer.

This realization led to an acknowledgement that professional help was needed to bring the website up to par. However, there was a desire to maintain the website on the WIX platform due to the owner’s familiarity and satisfaction with its back-office features.

The challenge was to find a solution that could rejuvenate the website without deviating from the trusted WIX environment, balancing the comfort of familiarity with the necessity for a professional and modern web presence.


Initial Struggles with Website Functionality and Design

Black Mountain Honey's website, initially created by the owner on WIX without professional design experience, had become a liability. The design, once a point of pride for the DIY-minded owner, was now outdated, struggling to cope with increased traffic and failing to represent the growing sophistication of the beekeeping business.

The website's user experience was compromised, potentially losing customer engagement and business opportunities. This decline highlighted the need for a more robust, modern, and professional online presence that could cater to the business's evolving needs and clientele.

Decision Dilemma: DIY vs. Professional Redesign

Faced with the challenge of upgrading their online presence, the client contemplated two paths: revamping the site personally or seeking expert assistance. The first option, while cost-effective, posed significant risks given the owner's limited design expertise and the growing complexity of web technologies.

On the other hand, hiring a specialist involved trusting an external party and investing in a partnership without guaranteed success. The client's satisfaction with WIX's back-office functionalities added another layer to the decision-making process – they wanted to enhance their website without abandoning the familiar and user-friendly WIX platform. This constraint limited their choices in terms of finding a specialist with the requisite expertise in WIX.

Navigating the Crowded Market for Web Designers

The search for a suitable web design agency added to the challenge. The client encountered an overwhelming number of options, many of which were international agencies or freelancers on platforms like Fiverr.

This abundance made it difficult to identify a partner who specialised in WIX and understood the unique needs of a UK-based beekeeping business. The client sought a local, reliable agency that could provide a personalized approach, ensuring their new website would be functional, aesthetically pleasing, and resonate with their brand identity and business ethos. This exhaustive search process underscored the importance of selecting a partner who could effectively navigate the intricacies of web design while aligning with the client's vision and requirements.

Solution / Approach

Comprehensive Discovery and Strategy Development

The solution process began with a comprehensive discovery phase, where Vision Marketing's team conducted an in-depth analysis of Black Mountain Honey's existing website and business goals.

This involved understanding the client's unique value proposition, target audience, and the challenges they faced with their online presence. The team at Vision Marketing used this information to formulate a strategic plan encompassing not just the website's redesign but also a broader approach to branding and online representation. This holistic strategy ensured that the new website would look aesthetically pleasing and align with the client’s business objectives and market positioning.

Recognizing the need for a more cohesive and modern brand image, Vision Marketing proposed a complete branding overhaul. This included designing a new logo and establishing a set of branding guidelines that would inform the website's design and future marketing materials.

The new logo was developed to reflect the essence of Black Mountain Honey, encapsulating its brand identity in a visually appealing and memorable way. The branding exercise ensured that the redesigned website would function as a mere digital presence and a key component of the client's brand story and market communication.

Technical Excellence and Customization on WIX Studio: 

Vision Marketing's solution leveraged the capabilities of the WIX Studio platform to its fullest potential. Given the client’s preference for WIX, the team focused on maximizing the platform's features while also customizing solutions to fit the project's unique needs. This involved sophisticated design techniques, ensuring the website was visually stunning and highly functional, with seamless navigation and optimized for user engagement. The team’s deep expertise in WIX Studio allowed for the integration of advanced functionalities that were previously thought to be beyond the platform's scope.

Vision Marketing maintained a collaborative approach throughout the development process, involving the client in key decisions and ensuring that the final product truly reflected their vision and business needs.

Responsive Design and User Experience Focus: 

A key component of the solution was the emphasis on responsive design and an enhanced user experience. Vision Marketing ensured that the new website was optimized for performance across all devices, acknowledging the importance of mobile accessibility in today's digital landscape.

The design team paid special attention to user interface elements, streamlining the customer journey to facilitate easy navigation and engagement. This user-centric approach was critical in transforming the website into a powerful tool for business growth, enhancing user interaction and ensuring that visitors could easily access information and services.

In summary, Vision Marketing's solution for Black Mountain Honey was multi-faceted, focusing on strategic branding, technical excellence on the WIX platform, and a superior user experience. This comprehensive approach revitalized the client's online presence and strengthened their overall brand positioning in the market.

The Process

Discovery and Consultation Phase:

Vision Marketing's approach commenced with a thorough discovery phase. This involved detailed consultations to understand Black Mountain Honey's business objectives, target audience, and desired website functionalities. The client expressed a need for a site that was visually appealing and capable of managing increased traffic and enhancing user engagement. Vision Marketing's team, led by Matt, utilized these discussions to develop a clear, comprehensive understanding of the client's needs, ensuring that the proposed solution would be tailor-made to address the new website's aesthetic and functional requirements.

Strategic Design and Brand Overhaull

Technical Execution on WIX Studio


Transformation of Online Presence:

Newly Designed in WIX Studio website - Black Mountain Honey

The most significant outcome of Vision Marketing's intervention was the complete transformation of Black Mountain Honey's online presence. The newly designed website was a dramatic upgrade from the previous version. It featured a modern, clean, and user-friendly interface that greatly enhanced the user experience.

The new design effectively showcased the company's products and services while also providing an intuitive navigation structure that made it easy for visitors to find information. The website's responsiveness and optimized performance for handling increased traffic were particularly notable, ensuring a seamless experience for users across various devices.

WIX Studio website showing Black Mountain Honey Homepage on different devices including desktop, mobile and tablet.

Cohesive Brand Identity:

Alongside the website redesign, the development of a new logo and branding guidelines played a crucial role in redefining Black Mountain Honey's brand identity. The new logo was a hit with the client, encapsulating the essence of their business in a visually appealing and memorable way.

The branding guidelines developed by Vision Marketing ensured consistency across all platforms, creating a coherent and professional image that resonated with both existing and potential customers.

This rebranding was not just a visual overhaul but a strategic move that positioned Black Mountain Honey more favourably in the market, helping to attract a broader audience and establish a stronger brand presence.

Watch our brand reveal video (Credit to Matt Lowe Design):

Client Satisfaction:

The project's success was evident in the client's satisfaction with the end product. The client commended Vision Marketing for their exceptional communication, creativity, and ability to deliver on promises within the agreed timeline and budget.

The process, marked by regular and transparent communication, allowed for a smooth workflow and alignment of expectations. The attention to detail, responsiveness to feedback, and commitment to quality demonstrated by Vision Marketing were key factors in exceeding the client's expectations.

The completion of the project within the agreed parameters of time and cost, without any hidden fees or upsells, particularly underscored Vision Marketing's integrity and client-focused approach.

Client Testimonial:

Laurence - Founder of Black Mountain Honey

VIS Marketing have more than lived up to my very high expectations. Communication is everything in the world of website design projects and there no-one better at communication than Matt.

He is happy, courteous, imaginative, straight-to-the-point and delivers on his promises in terms of quality, time and budget. It has been such a pleasure working with VIS Marketing that I am a little bit sad the project is coming to an end.

I am delighted with the website outcome, but Matt made the journey to completion thoroughly enjoyable. His passion for website design shone through at every single meeting. For him, it was never about reaching the finish line, it was about making me happy. He has achieved that and so much more. I have absolutely no hesitation in wholeheartedly recommending Matt for any website design works within the WIX environment. I am so impressed with him that I have already commissioned Vis Marketing for a full SEO programme of development over the next 12 months and will now use them for all future works on my website. Matt – thank you for your time, dedication and imagination in getting this project over the line on time, on budget and WAY over expectations!


Learn more about the Black Mountain Honey project from their blog post:


Vision Marketing successfully transformed Black Mountain Honey's online presence, proving its expertise in WIX platform web design and client-focused approach. The project not only met but exceeded the client's expectations, both in terms of aesthetics and functionality.

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