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How to create Side Menu on WIX editor with Lightbox

How to create website side menu on WIX

In this post, I will show you how to design and create a Side Menu on WIX website.

I will use Lightbox feature that was recently introduced to all WIX users.

In my previous post here I showed you how to create a bespoke burger menu button. Now by clicking on the menu icon, the Lightbox will be triggered to slide open from the side.

To add Lightbox onto your WIX website:

1. Go to WIX editor and Edit Site

2. From the left-hand menu click on Add (+)

3. Choose design that suits your needs

4. Add Lightbox by drag and drop onto your site

Accessing Lightbox feature on WIX editor



Stay tuned for the next video...

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Untitled design (20).png

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