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Global Business Trends in the UK

From hybrid work to a new digital head quartered center to meet the requirements of a distributed staff, our future seems here already. Today the employees no longer wish to go back to the old workplace. We now need to be prepared to help them settle into the new environment. An open office concept where people will come and go at their ease and necessity seems like a good idea.

Global Business Trends in the UK
Global Business Trends in the UK

As the pandemic wanes, the spotlight is shifting to climate issues. Big businesses will factor this into their financial planning. With the emergence of new intelligence on the impact of climate change, one can see a radical change in the offing. ‘Climate Risk’ being the new unpredictable parameter around which longer-term decisions will focus.

An environment of upskilling and personal growth will ensure progressive-looking organizations create diverse and forward-looking teams. Digital aids like video conferencing can be used to impart training. The popularity of online courses has created a new breed of entrepreneurs and creators thriving in the new digital communities.

The UK is looking forward to a new EU Trade deal and with the US in particular, with the announcement of the AUKUS alliance, other Asian and African Trade blocks, and individual countries. In addition, its continued growth as a global leader of the financial industry, focusing on efficiencies and operating margins within the industry. International organizations, in particular, will look to single platforms to expand their customer base with transparency and conveniently accessible service providers, to manage their business with transparency, efficiency, low costs, and minimal disruptions.

Artificial Intelligence in Health Care was a natural progression in the pandemic. AI is likely to transform the health care sector. Besides alleviating strain on the medical personnel, harnessing AI is dependent on medical practitioners combining their expertise with technology. Digitization will pervade all industries as its benefits grow.

As wages and inflation rise, a shortage of labour accelerates the same. Monitoring the BDO Employment Index becomes essential to avoid passing on the costs of scanty work to consumers. The resilience of the market has surprised many professional watchers. Business trends are determined by reports compiled from over 4,000 companies that account for some 5 million employees across the UK. Services and optimism of the manufacturing sector and output projected along with inflation and output provide separate measurable indices.

The four indices are :

  • CBI Industrial Trends Survey

  • CBI Monthly trends inquiry

  • Bank of England Agents’ summary of Business conditions

  • Market / CIPS Manufacturing and Services PMI data

General Economic outlook can be gauged in this manner. The transition period is encouraging. Leisure and domestic travel appear to be returning faster than business travel. Moreover, video conferencing has reduced the need for conferences and meetings. Small and new businesses are leading the way in the recovery, besides entrepreneurship. Digital interaction is on the rise too. Next-generation products and personalizing of the customer experience is the new norm. E-commerce has gained the most. Digital adoption in Europe is over 95% already.

Diversification of supplier networks has accelerated with AI and Data analytics.

Insurance, Finance, and IT are likely to work away from their offices as effectively as before. Forecast wise, over 20% of the workforce, globally, could work away from the Office. A systematic re-assessment is being undertaken. Re-skilling of staff is undoubtedly required to avoid the need to recruit fresh employees.

Accelerated Vaccine developments have provided an edge to contain the Covid-19 virus pandemic. The establishment of guidelines with safety and efficacy requirements is heartening. When applied to other sectors like bio-engineering, genetic sequencing will play a positive role in the development of treatments for other ailments. The Bio- revolution is a significant plus factor induced by the pandemic. Genetically engineered biofuels and crops could create trillions of dollars impact over this decade.

Portfolio restructuring will be essential for companies to keep pace with new developments. Green technologies are addressing climate change, and stimulus packages are phasing out fossil fuels. Solar and alternate power is coming into their own.

Modernization and growth of Health Care infrastructure have progressed all over the world and are a positive development.


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