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Does Instagram use alt-text

(use alternative text to your photo in case your photo doesn’t not load on a website)

YES, it does! Instagram image recognition technology scans and writes Alt-text for you.

💡 However, you are the only one who knows what is in your photo, so... It is a good practice to add your Alt-Text to your photos.

Let’s look 👀 at how to add Alt-Text to your Instagram photos 👇🏼

1️⃣ To see and edit alt text for a photo before you post it on Instagram:
  1. Start by taking a photo or uploading an existing photo to Instagram.

  2. Choose a filter, edit the image, and tap Next (iPhone) or (Android).

  3. Tap Advanced settings at the bottom of the screen.

  4. Tap Write alt text.

  5. Write your alt text in the box and tap Done (iPhone) or (Android).

2️⃣ To change the alt text of a photo after you've already posted it on Instagram:
  1. Go to the photo and tap (iPhone) or(Android).

  2. Tap Edit.

  3. Tap Edit alt text in the bottom right.

  4. Write the alt text in the box and tap Done (iPhone) or (Android).


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