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Why Your Business needs Google Business Profile

Learn about what Google Business Profile is and why You need it for Your Business.

For many, Google has become synonymous with the internet. The search engine company has become so ubiquitous that it is a part of our daily lives, whether through its search engine, YouTube, voice assistant or Google Assistant.

If you are a business owner, no Google Product is more vital than Google Business Listing, also known as Google My Business (the name retired by Google in November 2021). Read on to learn what Google Business Profile is and why it is crucial.

Google Business Profile

Chapter 1: What is Google Business Profile?

Google Business Profile is a free tool that provides a business with a listing on Google that includes information about the company, location, contact details, and more on Google Search and Google Maps. This powerful tool helps businesses of all sizes manage and optimise their online presence and grow their reach.

The wealth of features and functions make Google My Business a core part of local SEO and lead generation strategy as it offers the most significant impact for companies seeking local exposure. Please do not get confused with listings on online business directories like Yelp. It is entirely different- it never requires a third-party website visit.

Taken from the Google Business Profile Help section, this is how Google describes Google My Business:

"Google Business Profile is an easy-to-use tool for businesses and organisations to manage their online presence across Google. To help customers find your business, you can verify your business and edit your business information. "

Chapter 2: Why is Google Business Profile Important?

Google Business is an excellent way for businesses of all sizes to get more out of online marketing. This is especially important for smaller businesses that may not have the resources to invest in other marketing channels. By using Google My Business, businesses can track their online presence, manage customer interactions, and measure the success of their campaigns. Additionally, businesses can create custom profiles and connect with customers personally. If your business is looking to take advantage of online marketing opportunities, Google My Business is a must-have tool.

Helps to engage with customers

Google Business Profile is an excellent way for businesses to connect with their customers. You use your Google My Business account to engage with them, respond to reviews, answer questions, and more. Thanks to various tools and resources available, you can connect with existing and potential customers by publishing photos, posts, events, and more.

Highlights Your Business

You know that online visibility is key to success as a business owner. Google Business Listing is a great way to provide potential customers with more information about your business. When creating a business profile, you can include hours of operation, a link to your website, products and pricing, etc. Potential customers can use this information to understand better what you offer and how much it costs, allowing the opportunity to win a new customer quickly.

Google's ranking system is based on three core factors- relevancy, distance, and prominence. A combination of these determinants decides whether your business matches the queries entered by searches and whether your website comes up in the search results. As a business owner, you want Google to be able to find your business quickly and easily. Keeping your Google Business Profile up to date and live can positively impact your local SEO.

An excellent opportunity to collect testimonials

Creating a good business reputation is essential to any small business. Google Business profile is an excellent opportunity to collect testimonials from satisfied customers. By creating a profile and listing your business information, you will be able to attract new customers and build a positive reputation. When potential customers visit your profile and learn about your business, they are more likely to recommend you to their friends and family.

Google Business Reviews

Chapter 3: Where does a Google Business Profile show up online?

A Google Business Profile can appear in three places when a local search is done.

Google Knowledge Panels

Google Knowledge Panels are informational containers in the top right-hand corner of Google search results when the search query is entered on desktop (and near the top on mobile). The main idea is to provide a quick snapshot of information on a specific subject based on Google's understanding of available content on the web. Here's an example where the Google Business Profile in the Knowledge Panel appears:

Google Business Profile - Knowledge Panel

Google Local Pack/Local Finder

Another place where Google My Business Profile can show up is the Google Local Pack or Google Local Finder. This can be found as a block of businesses that appear after a search with local intent is performed. The information presented here is pulled from the business's Google Business Listing. Please see the example below:

Google Business - Local Finder

Google Maps

Most internet users are familiar with Google Maps - a versatile app- and browser-based service used to get directions and discover businesses and locations. Google Maps is crucial for local companies to gain visibility and reach a broad audience on any device. Below is an example of what Google Business Listings look like for a search query performed in Google Maps on a desktop:

Google Maps


Key findings

After reading this article, we hope you better understand how Google Business Profile works and how important it is. Whether you're a small business, startup, or an existing business, getting set up with Google Business Profile is a great way to improve your visibility and attract new customers.

So, if you're not using Google My Business, now is the time to start.

Are you looking for help setting up or optimising your Google Business Profile? Our team of experts are just a phone call away! We can help you learn how to correctly put your business profile together and make it more visible to Google searchers.


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