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Shape Dividers on Your Strip - New WIX Feature overview!

Wix is constantly working to bring you new features.

Every week, we add new tools so you can create a stunning website with even more ease.

In this video, we show you a cool new feature that allows you to divide your strip into unique shapes to create your own unique website. Wix just upgraded the shapes tool on Wix Editor, so you can now add Shape Dividers on your strip!

Shape dividers split your strip and allow you to manage the size, angle, and curve of your strip. In addition, you can add as many shape dividers as you want, enabling you to create super cool shapes on your site. Here's how to add a shape divider to your site

Wix gives you a large selection of pre-made, ready-to-go templates, or you can upload your own.

Here is a live example:

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