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6 Steps to Turn your Webpage into the Ultimate Shop Window

For many small business owners the website is an expansive tool that helps to shape the consumer's initial impression of the company. But at the other end of the spectrum, when done badly or lazily, the website becomes a complete antithesis of this potentially positive facet of your business. Follow Bordon, Hampshire-based web design/marketing specialists VIS Marketing's lead and your business' online experience will go from worst impression to good first impression in five easy steps.

Step 1: Instil confidence with a welcoming homepage.

As we've already mentioned, first impressions are everything. How your business comes across initially will shape the consumer's opinion of your business as a whole so get the first port of call right: the homepage. A smooth, understated design, complete with simple calls-to-action (CTAs) and clear subheadings will entice your customers into exploring rather than pondering.

Step 2: WHY are you doing this?

A way to directly interact with your customers? A showcase of the services you offer? Ask yourself before you start building your webpage: what am I trying to achieve with my website? Once you know that, you can begin to plan the direction your website will follow and how it will function. By putting objectives into place, your website will grow into an efficient space rather than an aimless mess.

Step 3: Plan for launch

You've sifted through various web hosts to find the perfect one for your business' online needs and you're ready to go live but your site looks a little bare. Make sure before your website goes online for the world to see that you've planned and implemented the online design and uploaded both textual and visual content to really flesh out your website. These aspects are absolutely paramount; you want your business to look like it's the finished article not a work in progress.

Step 4: Think of your consumer's experience

When designing your website, consider your consumer and how they'll navigate your page. You could use template designs but you'll be limited in your website's development when your business expands. There are plenty of quality, affordable web design packages from the likes of Wix, Squarespace, Weebly that can help you customise your online experience for every platform.

Step 5: Adapt to change

You'll be aware that things move fast in most industries and your content needs to match that change. By implementing a content management system (CMS) you'll be able to frequently update content on your website to keep up with local and national competitors or just to freshen things up. Open-source software from the likes of WordPress offer easy-to-use CMS that can work alongside custom web designs.

Step 6: Ask VISmareting for help

Let us take care of all necessary aspects of your website creation or re-design. Unleash digital potential of your company and Contact us Now

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