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Is it possible to make money from a WIX blog?

Having a website is an absolute necessity today, be it a business or a blogger. Once you have your website up and running the next step should be to monetize it. With WIX professional help you can get your blog/website making the money for you.

You can start off with adding Google AdSense to your Wix website. This will start displaying Google AdSense ads that you can get paid for on each click. To do this, on your Wix editor, add apps and search for

Google AdSense. Once Google AdSense is ready, drag and drop the ad box to your preferred location and click on settings on its toolbar.

Now click on set up an ad on your own Wix website. You will now need to paste the ad code from Google AdSense. You can now click on ads on get code under the by site tab or by ad unit to create a new ad unit. An HTML code snippet is to be copied back to your Wix editor. Paste the code snippet and click on activate. The publish button must be clicked to make the changes active, to earn ad revenue.

To monetize your Wix website, consider the following options: 1. Consulting A few clients will suffice, while you are active in promoting your website. You need to be able to fix a consulting rate. What is your ideal yearly salary? Divide same by the 52 weeks in a year and the weekly rate by 40 hours per week and you will arrive at an hourly rate. 2. Wix Web Design Services As you have learned how to create a Wix website, offer your services to others for a fee. If you are wondering where to start, you can approach some of your local business owners and create websites for them. Inquire if any content or image assets are to be uploaded. Additional income can be tapped, in this manner. 3. Freelance Content writing

A site owner always requires content, just as you will too. A good writer can offer this service.

A freelancer can make fast money. Study the subject and find other ways. 4. Add AdSense to your Wix blog posts Select your blog so that your site's visitors can view a listing of your blogs. To add AdSense to your blog, follow the same steps as before. Please follow these steps to ad AdSense:

  • Click Create a Post to start writing a blog post.

  • Click the HTML icon at the bottom of the page.

  • Click the Add HTML or URL icon.

  • Select HTML Code.

  • Paste the AdSense code you saved.

  • Click Update.

  • Link to support article

Here are a few pointers that will differentiate a good blog from a mediocre one. Superior Quality Content:

Quality and consistency through research are important to attract readers and keep them coming back for more. When you update content on your Wix website on a regular schedule, you will be able to actively promote your website.

A small start with dedication, study, and awareness can be made into a thriving site. Knowing your niche helps to focus the mind on strong and specific aspects and helps you to meet the specific needs of your participants. Offer real worth or Value:

Original, helpful information and insights; new learning and problem-solving content, will keep people hooked. Add value and reap the benefits. Drive and motivate commitment:

Keep your audience engaged and hungry for more. Add creative videos and quizzes and then add a forum to build your community and personal brand. Launch your expertise:

Even if you are not a known expert in your field, build a presence with research and post over other online platforms. Soon you should be in a position to post on company blogs and other sites like LinkedIn. Steps to monetizing your blog: 1. Offer membership plans You can add a pricing plan with exclusive content and a subscription plan that will add to your revenues. 2. Work to obtain sponsorships by a brand

Climb up the value change, become an affiliate marketer. For beginners, become an Amazon Associate. Sponsored posts for a specific product or service highlighting to use the product in your creative or professional way, is an additional option.

Bear in mind brand partnership options, for a recurring source of income, without compromising your integrity. Getting a sponsorship by a brand would be ideal. 3. Use online ads to make money Use Google AdSense to post ads in your chosen fields and industries. 4. Sell E-books Create and sell E-books. Start a podcast by posting existing content. Offer Online courses at a price. 5. Create your Webinar Create a Webinar and host a virtual summit. Offer consulting or coaching services. 6. Sell merchandise Sell Merchandise with a customized logo, and open an online store.

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