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How our SEO strategy service is going to identify and target your ideal customers at all stages in the buying journey.

Following your interest in our SEO services, I wanted to clarify the details of our SEO strategy creation service.

If you are a small or medium business and looking to gain an online appearance and widen your horizons, you are in the right place!

Crafting the right SEO strategy is critical for any business before they start their SEO, and this is where we excel. We'll build you the strategy that will target your customers in Google search.

Hopefully, this web page will help to demonstrate what a great partnership VISION MARKETING & your business can have! Look forward to catching up soon, Matt Konarzewski

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. It’s the process of pushing your website to the top of the Google results when your customers are searching.

It’s not just about the regular Google listings either; SEO also powers: Google local results, Google answers, Google images, Google news, Voice- assistants (e.g. Siri, Alexa

51% of all website traffic is driven by SEO. 40% of all online revenue is driven by SEO.

This means SEO is the most powerful channel on the internet for driving customer acquisition, sales and brand awareness.

But to succeed at SEO you need the right strategy in place to target the right customers.

How we build your SEO strategy

You want to be at the top of Google when customers search. But first you need to know what they search! That’s where our SEO strategy creation service comes in.
  • 1

    We’ll build a list of the top phrases your customers are using

  • 2

    We’ll detail the ideal website structure & content plan

  • 3

    We’ll highlight the opportunities for growing your backlink profile

  • 4

    We’ll create an action plan for you that details how to achieve this strategy

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  • Choosing the right keywords is the foundation of any successful SEO campaign. You need to target keywords that your customers actually use.

    We’ll research and identify the keywords your customers are searching for at every part of the sales funnel; from the keywords, they use in the research phase all the way to the keywords they use when in the buying phase.

    We’ll review the respective sales opportunity for each phrase (determined by search volume) and achievability (determined by difficulty).

    We will also review your top competitors to see what keywords they rank for, and build these phrases into your SEO where relevant.


  • Once we’ve identified the very best keywords for your business we will then
    build out the onsite SEO strategy.

    It's very important that for each keyword we want to optimise for that you have a specific page/s on your website that we can use to create the relevant SEO copy for.

    We will build out the perfect website structure and content/technical SEO changes required to ensure your website has the best possible chance of ranking top of page 1 for your keywords.

    We will then work with you on the implementation plan to ensure the onsite SEO is optimised to the correct level.


  • Building backlinks is very important for SEO. A ‘backlink’ is a link from a
    website to yours. These act as ‘votes’ for your website in Google’s eyes.

    Our strategy will help you build new backlinks from three sources:

    1. Journalist outreach - we’ll determine the very best search terms to find industry-relevant requests from journalists and bloggers.

    2. Competitor backlink analysis - we’ll show you where your competitors have links and you don’t (ideal opportunities for new backlinks).

    3. Guest post opportunities - we'll find the best guest post opportunities on relevant websites that will increase your brands performance and awareness.


  • Once we’ve built your strategy, we then put it into action with a detailed action plan.

    This consists of identifying where your current SEO - both onsite and offsite - is not aligned and optimised for the strategy we’ve devised.

    We’ll put together a list of SEO actions that need completing overtime to get your website where it needs to be.

    SEO is not a short-term game; you need to ‘prove’ to Google that you’re an expert and trusted within your industry. And you do this by making continual improvements to your SEO over time.



What others say about Vision

Very happy with the communication and work result from Matt at vis marketing. We had a couple of calls with different specialists and Matt felt like the best fit for us and we are happy with our decision. He explains and shows videos on how he works on the website so going forward we can manage it ourselves. We will be using Matt for our ongoing project. He shows genuine care and professionalism

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I'd love to schedule our conversation about how we could help you set up the SEO for your website.

I hope this presentation has shown you how important SEO is and how we are going to build you a detailed, concise and achievable strategy for driving more traffic to your website from Google.

Please let me know when you're free to chat further and discuss the SEO for your website.


Matt Konarzewski

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