How to create Side Menu on WIX editor with Lightbox

In this post, I will show you how to design and create a Side Menu on WIX website. I will use Lightbox feature that was recently introduced to all WIX users. In my previous post here I showed you how to create a bespoke burger menu button. Now by clicking on the menu icon, the Lightbox will be triggered to slide open from the side. To add Lightbox onto your WIX website: 1. Go to WIX editor and Edit Site 2. From the left-hand menu click on Add (+) 3. Choose design that suits your needs 4. Add Lightbox by drag and drop onto your site Stay tuned for the next video... #hoverbox #menu #button #bespoke #burgermenu #lightbox #wixeditor #sidemenu

How to create a burger menu button on WIX

When it comes to web design on WIX the are many tools and apps that everyone can use on their websites. The problem is that your website might become just like all the other websites out there Fortunately, with WIX you can experiment and add your personal touch to every design. Here is my first video that shows how to create a bespoke burger menu button on WIX editor. The button will interact with the user once mouse cursor hovers over the menu thanks to Hover Box feature (still in BETA) that is soon to be released for all WIX users. This type of menu was only available in WIX mobile view, however, now you can create your own version and this video will show you how. Stay tuned for the next

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