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Recent Leadership Transformation in Digital World

The rise of the internet and social media has seen the business world change like never before. Now more than ever, there is a need for digital leadership.

Digital leaders today need to be aware and able to deal with the sheer urgency being demanded of them. Behaviours that may have worked for leaders in the past now stymie their multi-talented and multi-disciplined employees who are better prepared for the digital world.

A great leader in the new economy can be described as one who can build a great team that understands technology with respect to their business and can keep pace with the speed of change and their ability to take their organization along in a trustworthy manner. The leaders of today need to bring out the best in colleagues and collaborators. Thus, greatly enhancing outcomes for their customers & shareholders. Simultaneously, the communities and the planet as a whole.

Given below are key areas that leaders are focusing on in the current digital environment.

1. Customers

Customers in the digital era have a plethora of companies and brands to choose from. They also have higher expectations from companies. It’s a no brainer then that catering to the changing demands of their customers should be a top priority for leaders today. The end goal is to get customers to have a good experience at every stage of the buying process. Keeping the customers in mind at all times of business decision-making is essential for companies to stay in the game.

2. Ability to recognize change Digital leaders should recognize the changes that are upending current and old business models in their industries. Cultural blind spots need to be identified and forthrightly changed, with direct action rather than second-hand efforts. Each manager needs to be a hands-on part of the business he is dealing with. New skills and different perspectives are to be identified and deployed quickly to prevent atrophy. There is an immediate need to shed all preconceived notions and perceptions. Seek help from other leaders in the field to overcome these challenges and offer them the alternatives you yourself have devised. Thus a balanced perspective will emerge.

3. Vision & Risk-taking ability

Digital savviness alone is no longer the measure of a competent Leader. Creating a vision with a focus on performance is key. Leading by example and maintaining a profit and customer-centric profile, not forgetting ethics and integrity and having the ability to take risks and being leaders of change. These enduring attributes should be purpose-driven, nurturing passion.

One must also bear in mind the four key mindsets that contribute profoundly to an organizations leadership skills: Producers, Investors, Connectors and Explorers. Individuals specializing in any one of the four are also valued highly. A leader's holistic understanding and ever adopting approach to new opportunities achieve the best results. A deeper understanding and pursuit of these approaches help leaders become great; as performer PepsiCo Chairman & CEO Steve Reinemund: The truly great leaders have motivating, purpose-driven visions”.

A true leader can express a powerful leadership message, builds a group of leaders, lines up talent, develop business strategists in his group, with inclusion and diversity as a key mix.

Creativity and non-stop innovation are essential.

A Wix website gives you the tools needed to showcase that creativity. You will consider yourself a WIX professional at the end of your WIX web design.

A successful leader is one who not only sees the future trends but creates them!


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