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Get online or get forgotten.

Back in the days word of mouth and paper advertisement were the most popular way to grow a business. Today Facebook, twitter and other social media take over traditional methods of business referral form, where enhanced options let customers engage with reviews, share their opinions and recommend it further to their friends.

More often we message someone through their Facebook page rather than calling the number to book an appointment or simply ask the question.

So when social media are considered as an old days referrals, we can surely say that business website can be treated as the premises, a "digital building".

Those two types of digital presence - Social and Web are now two very crucial factors that became a must haves for every business owner or even freelancers.

Bellow you can see gallery and links for websites we designed so far:

Businesses like hairdressers, barbers, cleaning companies can benefit from owning their web presence where for relatively inexpensive cost they can attract more customers and take the communication and customer engagement onto the next level!

So if you are a startup business and wish to gain huge advantage of owning the website, contact VISion marketing in Bordon, Hampshire, where we can help you to design, publish and maintain your online presence.


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